Leader Mode

Any moderator can control the player. To control the player click the "Lead Me" button below the chat. A scrollbar with two buttons, Resume and Pause, will appear. To seek to specific portion of the video, click and drag to the desired time. To move videos around: drag and drop them to where you want. To play a specific video, click on the video you wish to play.


All moderators can create polls. To create a poll click the "Create Poll" button and fill out the options. Only registered users can vote on polls.


"Greyname" is nickname for a user who has not registered, but has joined the chat. The only thing greynames can do is chat and watch videos. Greynames cannot vote or contribute to the playlist in anyway. All features (voting on polls and skips, Profile Image & Bio, adding videos, friends list, and more) require a user to be logged in.

Playlist Controls

The playlist contains various buttons and controls. To add a video, copy and paste the URL into the text box and click add video. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop URLs into the playlist to attempt to add them. To vote to skip, click the Skip button. Next to the skip button is a counter showing how many skips there are and how many are needed to skip the current video. If your video is having errors or issues loading, sometimes the reload button can help. Moderators may modify the order of videos by using either the 'move command, or by clicking the Lead Me button and manually dragging and dropping the videos to where they want. To remove a video, click the X. Clicking the chain link opens a new tab to the URL of that video. Moderators may toggle the playlist lock by clicking the lock button on the playlist. Locked means only moderators may add videos, unlocked means that registered users too can add videos.


Moderators are created by the room owner to moderate the room. Moderators can do a variety of task including banning/kicking users, modifying the playlist. To modify your rooms moderators, click the Settings modal and click the Edit Room Mods tab.

Kicks & Bans

Banning and kicking users can be done by either using the 'ban or 'kick command, or by hovering over the profile of the person you wish to kick/ban and clicking the corresponding button. Bans last until lifted using 'unban. To ban a user who has already left the room, use 'leaverban. 'leaverban will ban the last user with the given username, however, it only works if they have recently left. Bans are IP based and username based. To get a list of all bans, type 'banlist.

Room Settings

On the settings page you can find various room settings you can modify. The description modifies the text that appears next to you room on public listings and the Info is the text that appears at the bottom of your room. There will be more options in the future for you to modify.

You can also modify the public listing of your room. By unchecking 'Public', your room will not appear on any page that has room listings. In the future there will be invite only and friend only options to allow you to have even more control over your watching experience.

Muting Users

You may find at times you'd like to mute an annoying user. To do so, hover over their name and click Mute. You'll notice this mutes every user on that users IP. The mute only last until you either A) Unmute them or B) Refresh the page or C) leave the room.

Friends List

The friend's list has been disabled and removed until further notice. This is temporarily as it's being rebuilt from the ground up, bigger and better than before.

Useful Commands

All commands are typed with an apostrophe('). These commands will slowly be replaced with interface items in the near future.

The following are moderator and room owner commands. Exclude [ and ]

  • 'kick [username]

    Removes the user from the room.

  • 'ban [username]

    Bans the user from the room.

  • 'unban [username]

    Unbans all users with the username given.

  • 'leaverban [username]

    Checks a recent list of users who have left, and bans the most recent user with the given username.

  • 'clearbans

    Removes all bans.

  • 'banlist

    Prints the banlist to the chat.

  • 'modlist

    Prints the modlist to the chat.

  • 'move [position1] [position2]

    Moves video in position1 to position 2. 'move 1 3 would move the video in position 1 to the video in position 3. As an alternative, use the Take Lead button and manually drag and drop the videos to where you want them to be.

  • 'purge [username]

    Removes all videos in the playlist added by the given username.

  • 'clean

    Removes all videos ABOVE (i.e. already played) the currently playing video.

  • 'setskip [1-100]

    Sets the skip percentage required to skip a video. The number is calculated by the number of registered users in the room. If there are 30 registered users and you use 'setskip 50, the required number of skips to skip a video would be 15.

  • 'motd [message]

    Sets the welcome message that users see when first connecting to chat.